David Philip Hefti [1975 *]

O, star!

mosaic for clarinet solo

'O, star!' was commissioned by the Steinwies Foundation in December 2003 and is dedicated to Wolfgang Meyer.

This mosaic for clarinet solo was composed during the work on my 5-part 'SATOR' cycle. While the title would seem to be an invocation to a star (or a star as a celebrity?), it is in fact merely an anagram of 'SATOR', the title of my concerto for clarinet and orchestra.

In 'O, star!', entire passages from 'SATOR' have been juxtaposed with newly composed motifs, resulting in a colorful mosaic. Tremendous contrasts are an essential characteristic of this expressive music. The solo piece can basically be formally categorized into three parts with opening and coda: a lyrical introduction opens the first part, which is a wild, piercing and loud vivace and presto. This section is followed by a quarter-tone trill that leads into the composition's main part, where freely timed passages contrast with strictly organized measures. A virtuoso climax cuts off this part abruptly to give way to the third and very calm part of this composition, which is dominated by changing timbres, timbre trills and multiphonics. A freely developing line carries through to the composition's end.

D. P. H.