David Philip Hefti [1975 *]


for ten clarinets

The tone material as well as the most important chords and the sequence of bars of "PeRSIgNo" are derived from my name. If you take a look at the individual voices, you may consider that they all run canonically, using the theme or one of its reflection forms. The order of the bars (8 bars) is repeated permanently throughout the whole composition. Largeformally, the piece consists of 70 bars, which are divided into six sections of different lengths (16 + 8 + 9 + 12 + 9 + 16). Every single section is divided into six golden means. If you summarize two successive sections, you can see a second level with three golden means. All of the entire 70 bars are also divided by the golden mean. After each golden mean, something changes, e.g. the texture, the ranges, the dynamics, the registers, the frequencies... "PeRSIgNo" is a hommage to György Ligeti.

D. P. H.