David Philip Hefti [1975 *]


for violin, viola, violoncello and piano

Interaktionen ('Interactions') won the First Prize at the Pablo Casals Competition in Prades and was performed by its dedicatees, the members of the Calliopée Ensemble, on 9 August 2011 during the Pablo Casals Festival in the Abbaye Saint-Michel de Cuxa in Prades.

My chamber music work Interaktionen develops out of a single thread of sound that gradually acquires form by means of rhythmic actions. These actions repeatedly cause reactions in turn and together they form an overarching structure. These 'interactions' between the four instruments – and also between the individual formal sections of the work – are particularly audible in the close relationships between the motives, the rhythms and the tempi. The field of tension between strictly organized music and free passages results in a multifaceted picture.

D. P. H.